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Visual Immersion

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Matteo Barca

Good food meets entertainment

I am Matteo Barca, chef and owner of the Ristorante Pizzeria Tre Marchetti in the center of Verona, behind the Liston.

In my life, in addition to cooking, I am passionate about opera music and I love beauty and art in all its forms.

I am never satisfied, I like to travel and discover new forms of expression, novelties to excite people.

We have created for you, thanks to my fantastic team, a unique setting that will transform your dinners into magical evenings.

Contact us to organize your personalized event or birthday.

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Thanks to incredible

projections  on the walls
we will transport you to another dimension, making you live a magical evening

Every evening, from September 2022

For info:   +39 045 8030463

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